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Welcome Integrator!

This website is a place for volunteers to find roles and Groups to find volunteers

To use the Integrator part of this site you must be the person recruiting volunteers for an existing UK-wide, National or Regional Group. (NB accounts belong to the Group, not the integrator, so you won’t need a new account if your Group already has one - just log in)

To get back to this page at any time, scroll to the bottom menu and select 'Integrator Home'

or, for a New Account

watch this video then . . .

0:00 - 1:21. Introduction   1:20 Terminology   1.34 Create group profile and account   02:27 Your group page   02:59 Post a role   03:54 Check your roles and applications   05:44 Find a volunteer from the database (UK teams only)   06:52 If your integrator changes

Integrator Resources

Go to our Rebel Toolkit for tips and tricks to help you use this website and welcome new volunteers to your group.

Check out the public UK Mattermost channel "Integrator Support" for connections to other integrators across the movement.

The Rebel Pathway team run drop-in sessions every Monday at 11am - any Integrator across XRUK can bring their questions and seek support (for the zoom link see the heading of the Integrator Support Mattermost channel or email us at