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APC Internal Coordinator

Group:Action Planners Circle
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:5-9
No. spaces available:1
Meeting Time: Thursday evenings 18:30 - 20:30
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:
Essential Skills: Writing Agendas, Working as a team, Good initiative, Action Planning experience, Good communication and IT skills, basic cryptpad skills, Active Listening.
Desired Skills: Circle coordination experience, Conflict resolution skills.
Accessibility considerations:

Action Planners Circling are looking for an internal coordinator. Action Planners Circle are a group of action planners who represent the regional and national actions working groups as well as representatives and links from other actions oriented groups. We are focused on planning and undertaking direct action across the UK. Are you passionate about direct action and working as a team to create the world we want to see? Then this role might just be for you! You will assist the team by ensuring that we have healthy ways of working together and are doing our best to fufill our mandate. You will be responsible for the day to day running of the team and work closely with the External Coordinators to ensure that the team is effectively communicating between itself and the wider movement. Responsibilities Forming Agendas. Onboarding new members of the team. Creating new roles and updating the XR Hub. Attending the super circle meetings when EC(s) are unable to. Resolving conflict within a team. Scheduling meetings. Close communication with the EC(s) with regards to circle governance. Ensuring that the team is fufilling it’s mandate.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

Action Planners Circle

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

Action Planners Circle is a group of representatives from the regional and national actions groups. We plan and create direct action across the UK.

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