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External Coordinator Action Support (VLE)

Group:XRUK Action Support
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:16-21
No. spaces available:1
Meeting Time: 4-6pm on Tuesdays, 12-1.30pm Fridays, 2-4pm on Fridays
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Attending group meetings but other hours flexible
Essential Skills: Good communication is essential to culture a strong, connected and supported Action Support team. Represent Action Support and be their voice at Action Circle. Organisation, interest in direct action, civil disobedience and theory of change, strong knowledge of SOS.
Desired Skills:
Accessibility considerations:Access to a computer and a reliable internet connection essential

One of the most exciting roles in XR will become available from 26th May. The role can offer Volunteer Living Expenses if needed.

The role can be held by one individual. Role share is encouraged. Please send your reasons for applying and skills that match this role.

Action Support External Coordinator Purpose:

Liaises with all of the Action Support EC’S Including Stewarding, Protest Liaison, Action Well-being/1st Aid, Action Outreach, ENV/De-escalation, XR Rhythms, Production, Creative link role, ALS, AGSN, AC/INC as and when required.

The ASEC sits on the Action Circle and has a Voting seat.

Representing the team in the wider circle of which it is a part (Action Circle). Accountabilities.

Resolve issues which can’t be resolved in this team.

Finding a replacement to represent the team in the wider circle meeting if they can’t attend.

Managing information flow between this team and others as necessary.

Calling for election for Internal Coordinator on request of any super-circle member.

The ASEC is in regular contact with the other Action Support ECs to give them the support they need to be able to do their roles effectively & fulfil their respective mandates, providing advice, as and when required, and connecting them to other people in the movement if necessary.

The ASEC creates a culture of a strong, connected and supported Action Support team and actively works Play Calm barriers to enable the action support teams to achieve their mandates.

The ASEC actively works to attract a vibrant and diverse community within Action Support

Main tasks

  • Regularly liaises with the IC and runs regular Action Support meetings, so that action support ECs can get together and discuss future actions, policies and make plans for rebellions and other actions
  • Represent Action Support and be their voice at Action Circle, Action Governance meetings and at any other meeting as required and regularly feedback what happens at those meetings to Action support, so AS can make decisions and give their own feedback and play a part in the decision making process.
  • Represent all action support roles at action design meetings and with action planners as required, contributing to the planning of nonviolent direct actions Along with the ECs, help coordinate action support for rebellions and other actions both in London and regionally and nationally as required.
  • To bring decisions that need making to the Action support group and feedback any decisions and comments
  • At Rebellions to be on hand daily for morning briefings and then to brief the rest of action support as and when required
  • At Rebellions to be on hand daily for planning meetings as and when required and do recces if necessary
  • Set up and co-ordinate signal groups for actions at rebellion & other actions
  • If action support ECs are not available, to help find other actions support Rebels/ coordinators to join in and support said actions
  • To liaise with action circle budget holder and actions support budget holder in order to make sure that budgets are put in on time and with the correct information
  • To maintain an up-to-date spreadsheet of all the action support EC details which is used in Action circle and with the ECs permission
  • To feedback to M&M and digital on any action support marketing materials and sign-up forms and action network forms
  • To facilitate and organise ‘Welcome to Action support’ sessions
  • To help with action support role recruitment in liaison with the ECsand working group
  • To help with Other action support training, as and when required.
  • Leads action support debriefs and ensures debriefs are fed back to Action circle, reflecting, sharing and learning from others to enhance and improve AS practices
  • If required, to book legal observers in liaison with the action planners if this has not been done
  • To be the eyes and ears of action support and spot gaps and work out how to overcome them.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

XRUK Action Support

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

Action Support Circle is built of Stewards, AWB, ENV, XR Rhythms, Protest Liasion, Actions Outreach, Production, Access and Inclusion, A/LS. Holding (i.e. gathering and preserving) the expertise and experience gained through planning & carrying out actions Applying that expertise and experience to the planning & carrying out of national actions, so that actions are well-conceived and well-executed, in line with the principles, goals and legacy of XR, and the Action Circle’s way of doing things Transmitting that expertise and experience to others in the wider movement, so that people are empowered to create well-conceived and well-executed actions of their own

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