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External Coordinator | Heading for Extinction Talk Team

Group:XRUK Talks & Training
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:2-4
No. spaces available:1
Meeting Time:Wednesdays: Talks & Training 10.00-11.30 am
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Attend the Wednesday meetings whenever possible. Other hours flexible. This role can be shared.
Essential Skills:Good communicator, organised and proactive.
Desired Skills:An understanding of the importance of talks and training in peoples' journey into activism though it is not necessary to have a background in training.
Accessibility considerations:Access to a computer required. You would need to be able to use a computer/keyboard and participate in Zoom meetings. Closed captions can be used during meetings.

The role can be shared between two people, reducing the time commitment necessary.

The XRUK Heading for Extinction [HfE] Talk team is responsible for providing one of the key training sessions organised by the XRUK Talks and Training [T&T] Team - Heading for Extinction [and what to do about it].

The role of the External Coordinator is essentially one of communication; it involves representing the HfE Talk team in the T&T wider parent circle meeting and other movement-wide groups where necessary; and can help others to work together to provide a smooth programme of HfE training You could think of this as the conduit for information flow for the HfE Talk team perhaps!.

This role is perfect for someone who is a great communicator, who finds it rewarding to help others play to their strengths and to work together to be far greater than the sum of our parts. Full support is given.

Able to commit to attending the T&T meetings most Wednesdays. You should be comfortable using a computer, using message platforms and using/creating shared documents. Again, full support is given.

For more information on the XRUK HfE mandate and the External Coordinator mandate, please select the links below:
XRUK HfE mandate

External Coordinator mandate NB click on the plus sign next to External Coordinator.

Accountabilities are:

  • Representing this team within meetings of the wider circle, or if you're unable to attend, find another member of the HfE Talk team who can represent.
  • Reporting on the health of this team to the wider circle, covering the work and effectiveness of this team in meeting its mandate.
  • Resolving tensions that can’t be resolved in this team by taking them to the wider circle. e.g. removing constraints within the broader Organisation that limit this circle.
  • Managing information flow between this team and other teams (not sub-circles) where this is not being done by link roles.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

XRUK Talks & Training

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

XRUK Talks & Training coordinates talks, training and workshops for the movement upon request, and we proactively organise talks, training and workshops across the movement. Our other roles consist of collating and cataloguing talk, training and workshop materials from across the movement, making training information accessible to the movement and ensuring that training materials and training, are accessible to all volunteers. We maintain a database of XRUK speakers and trainers, as well as writing, updating and distributing the 'Nonviolent Direct Action' (NVDA), 'Heading for Extinction' (HfE) and Street Speakers' training/talks materials. And lastly, we provide support to other XRUK circles to improve the quality of their talks, training and workshops.

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