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Internal Coordinator UK Action Support

Group:XRUK Action Support
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:10-15
No. spaces available:1
Meeting Time: 12-1.30pm Fridays, 2-4pm on Fridays
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule: Must be flexible to additional meetings
Essential Skills: Strong interpersonal skills, effective communication, strong knowledge of XR's SOS
Desired Skills: Administration skills, Team building skills
Accessibility considerations: Access to a computer and reliable internet

The role can be held by one individual. Role share is encouraged. Please send your reasons for applying and skills that match this role.

Job Responsibilities- UK Action Support Internal Coordinator.

ICs are critical to our success as a movement. They set the tone for their team, steward the relationships and the connections that team members make with each other.

ASIC manages the wellbeing and information flow to our 16 ECs of the Action Support Circle. The Action Support family has recently welcomed Production, Actions Outreach, Arrest and Legal Support, Access and Inclusion and soon to be welcoming new Transport and Climbing circles.

Adding new roles/circles and changes to existing roles/circles to the XR UK Organism spreadsheet after they are decided, and informing the SOS Team so they can update Glass Frog.

Inviting new members to join the team as needed in alignment with this policy.

Adding new members to any communications platforms as required. Keeping a list of team members up to date so it’s clear who is in the team and who isn’t.

Managing information flow within the team as needed.

In the absence of a Secretary the IC is responsible for managing/editing the Minutes document, and preparing the weekly Agenda and reposting(APs) Action Points from the last meeting to the AS signal chat.

ASIC represents the team in the Action Circle/wider circle if the external coordinator can’t.

Scheduling meetings/Integration/Onboarding if there’s no-one in the Group Admin role or Integrator/Recruiter role.

Making connections keeping regular contact with all ECs and offering help and signposting if there is no Wellbeing Advocate in role.

Listening to feedback from team members and asking people to leave the team if:

  • they are not properly fulfilling their roles’ mandates
  • not doing any work in the team
  • repeatedly violating XR’s Principles & Values, the Rebellion’s aims or its constitution
  • refusing to participate in XR’s conflict resilience process.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

XRUK Action Support

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

Action Support Circle is built of Stewards, AWB, ENV, XR Rhythms, Protest Liasion, Actions Outreach, Production, Access and Inclusion, A/LS. Holding (i.e. gathering and preserving) the expertise and experience gained through planning & carrying out actions Applying that expertise and experience to the planning & carrying out of national actions, so that actions are well-conceived and well-executed, in line with the principles, goals and legacy of XR, and the Action Circle’s way of doing things Transmitting that expertise and experience to others in the wider movement, so that people are empowered to create well-conceived and well-executed actions of their own

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