Local Group Support / Gardener - North (including North East & Cumbria)

Group:Local Group Support
Location:Both in person and from home role with XR NORTH
Hours per week:10-15
No. spaces available:2
Meeting Time:Tuesdays online 4-5.30pm; Wednesday online 5.30-7pm
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Weekly meeting is important. Other tasks are flexible.
Essential Skills:Genuine passion for supporting the development of LGs

Empathy and good communication skills.

Motivate and support a range of different needs.
Desired Skills:It is helpful but not necessary to have a background in training, facilitation, coaching, community building and/or project management is an advantage.
Accessibility considerations:Access to computer, wifi and ability to travel are all very important to the role.

This role is commonly known as a Gardener - nothing to do with actually gardening!

Are you an experienced local group rebel who would like to help other groups grow and develop? This is a great opportunity to step up and help other groups to thrive!

The focus of the role is to work with the current 'North' Gardener by covering the the areas of North, North East and Cumbria area.

We are currently looking for 1 full time Gardener (up to 20 hours per week) and 1 part time Gardener (up to10 hours per week) to cover the whole of the North.

You will be supporting Local Groups in North East and Cumbria them to work towards their goals and overcome problems.

VLE (voluntary living expenses) may be available for this role depending on need

As a Gardener you will help to spread information from UK wide circles to Local Groups and bring feedback of unmet Local Group needs to the wider movement.

You should be comfortable working on a computer, using spreadsheets and XR's digital tools (you will be trained in any that you are not familiar with).

The Local Group Support team is a friendly and supportive group of rebels. Each Gardener focuses on their Nation/Region, but all come together in a weekly meeting to share expertise, ideas and to support each other.

Ability to work evenings/weekends and travel within the North, North East and/or Cumbria areas.

More details will be sent to you after you apply for the role.

Training and guidance is provided throughout your induction in to this role.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

Local Group Support

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

Supporting new and existing Local Groups to flourish and function well. Two main focuses of this team is: Providing 'Gardeners' and/or direct support for each Nation or Region. We build close connections by visiting and communicating regularly with Local Groups. Curating the Rebel Toolkit to provide the guidance Local Groups require to grow in size, capacity, capability and resilience.

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