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London Action Circle - External Coordinator

Group:>> London Region
Location:From home role with XR London region
Hours per week:10-15
No. spaces available:1
Meeting Time:Thursdays 18.30-20.30pm, other ad hoc
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:
Essential Skills:Organised, interpersonal skills, communications skills, team player and autonomous; action design/planning skills
Desired Skills:
Accessibility considerations:If you're hard of hearing (closed captions can be used during meetings) or visually impaired, then the online meeting aspect may be a barrier. You would need to be able to use a computer/keyboard.

Background: XR London Action Circle was recently created to support London Action Circle with increasing the visibility, accessibility and impact of actions happening across the London region. Its Internal Coordinator is working on building and connecting the circle within the region. We now need an External Coordinator to help connect with other action-related circles across the UK. Role description: Working closely with XR London Action Circle’s internal coordinator (and potential future subgroup coordinators the external coordinator represents the group throughout the XR organism. The external coordinator ensures information flows between the group and the movement's circles and working groups related to actions. External coordinator core duties: - Representing the working group throughout the movement, attending regular meetings of Action Planners Circle, made up of action representatives of other regions and nations and action support related circles. - Representing the London Action Circle in other groups and meetings as and when necessary (and agreed upon) - Managing information flow between this group and others as necessary - Finding a replacement to represent the group in meetings if they can’t attend - Assisting the internal coordinator if they are away or over capacity - Being the main point of contact for other working groups and circles that want to speak to London Action Circle - Dealing with tensions and challenges arising in which London Action Circle has a stake or plays a role. To find out more or to apply, please email London We ask everyone volunteering with Extinction Rebellion UK to: - Sign the rebel agreement - Adhere to our principles and values - Respect our regenerative cultures

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

>> London Region

Location: XR London region

XR London is the widest circle of XR in London, and is made up of the London Anchor Circle, where all local groups are represented, and its subcircles - Actions, M&M, Alliances and Development team. It exists to support London Rebels and provide a connection to UK-wide circles, including the Rebel Hive.

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