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Trainee Internal Co-ordinator - Media and Messaging

Group:UK Media and Messaging
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:16-21
No. spaces available:2
Meeting Time:Main M&M meeting is 10-12 Mondays
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Four regular meetings per week or more, to be shared with fellow IC
Essential Skills:Great with people, managing a team, organised, able to work collaboratively online using various standard tools (Zoom, Google, etc)
Desired Skills:Meeting facilitation experience;
copywriting/press release experience
Accessibility considerations:If you're hard of hearing (closed captions can be used during meetings) or visually impaired, then the online meeting aspect may be a barrier. You would need to be able to use a computer/keyboard.

About the Media & Messaging team
The M&M team is responsible for spreading the word about XR UK and everything we do. The circle contains the teams responsible for creating our messaging, editorial, press, social media, email, website, Telegram broadcast, photography, video, livestream and concept design.
The team sits at the very heart of XRUK, closely linked with Actions and our many allies. The team's output sets the tone and energy of the movement - this is extremely rewarding and impactful work!

The Internal Coordinator acts as the team lead, setting priorities, running the team, and driving the work.

This is one of the most impactful roles in XRUK, directly responsible for what XR says to the public.

We are keen to train up new coordinators. What we are really looking for is someone with strong interpersonal skills, who is kind, approachable, dedicated and organised. Someone who is happy to roll up their sleeves and much in, with a positive and 'can do' attitude. Everything else we can teach you! To get a bit of an understanding of the role, please see below. But please be aware that as a trainee you would be shadowing and working along side the current IC until you are ready and comfortable to take over.

Team communication and facilitation

  • Together with the External Coordinator, planning the weekly M&M Meeting and arranging who from the team will facilitate. Arranging speakers from other XR circles or external organisations where appropriate.
  • Holding on-track and inclusive meetings with our structured decision-making processes in mind
  • Managing overall information flow within the group as needed.

Strategy and prioritisation

  • Organising the priorities of the overall UK Media & Messaging team in alignment with current UK strategy.
  • Working closely with subgroups and campaign groups on specific content ideas for output across a broad range of channels (social media, movement comms channels, email, video platforms etc)
  • Team health and onboarding

    • Assessing skills gaps and needs within the working groups and highlighting these to the team Integrator so that they can be recruited for
    • Working with the team’s Integrator to onboard new team members, making sure they agree with XR’s Ways of Working, our Principles and Values and our Demands.
    • Listening to feedback from group members and guiding them into the right role within the group.
    • Addressing any team conflict and tensions, asking for support from the Self-Organising Systems (SoS) team as and when needed.

    Administrative duties

    • Keeping data about the group up to date, including: records of team membership; appointments to roles (with their term); mandates of all roles and sub-circles within the team; group contact details; and any policies the team may create.
    • Assigning to other roles within the team — with team consent — group admin permissions to update the data mentioned above.

    Regenerative culture advocate

    • Checking in regularly with subgroup coordinators to help ensure a good standard of wellbeing, connecting with wellbeing teams where assistance is needed.
    • If someone is taking on a lot of work, reminding them that they could pass that work back to the working group.
    • Encouraging a regenerative cycle of work within the team, from setting intentions, action/focus, understanding and debrief, rest, reflection, and back to the start.
    Role handover and support

    You will have initial support and handover of the previous M&M Internal Coordinator. They will be able to give background and context of the role and shepherd you through the initial stages until you feel more comfortable and they can step back.

    You will also have the support of a team Integrator who is there to help you settle into the role and put you in touch with others throughout the movement as needed. Internal coordinator core duties

    Financial support in the form of Voluntary living expenses (VLE) is available for this role. This can be discussed on application depending on the number of hours the volunteer is available.

    Please consider applying even if you are not sure you fit all the requirements of this job description - we are open to people with enthusiasm and passion to learn.

    We ask everyone volunteering with Extinction Rebellion UK to:

    • Sign the rebel agreement
    • Adhere to our principles and values
    • Respect our regenerative cultures

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

UK Media and Messaging

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

UK wide comms and messaging

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