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Member of Digital's help desk project team

Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:5-9
No. spaces available:2
Meeting Time:Weekly, times to be agreed
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Attend group meetings but other hours flexible, role can be shared
Essential Skills:
    Good knowledge of IT systems
Desired Skills:
  • Organised, reliable,
  • Business analysis
  • Help desk processes
  • Knowledge of XR's IT systems
Accessibility considerations: Need to verbally communicate and use a screen and keyboard

The Digital team is UK wide and supports and develops :

  • The Action Network system, which has a mailing list for communicating with our 180,000 rebels
  • XR's website
  • Communication channels such as the Hub and Mattermost
  • GDPR and Security compliance
  • Other more specialised systems such as ArrestWatch
  • Hosting on servers of the above applications

This project has just started and the team needs to grow. We have already investigated our current support services which produced many recommendations to streamline them.

We are very aware that many XR teams don't realise Digital has many experts to help them, save them time and ensure they don't reinvent the wheel, don't duplicate what may be available and do comply with GDPR laws. Therefore this project will also promote Digital.

You will receive any training needed and then contribute to the project in the best way that suits you. We shall work in an agile way as the optimum ways of working are still to be clarified.

This project seeks to :

  • Consolidate the many technical help desks used by Digital and Digital sub-circles, where needed
  • Formalise the process for receiving, triaging and resolving requests involving Digital systems
  • Promote to the rest of the movement the services provided by Digital
  • Encourage rebels to come to Digital when proposing new ideas, functions or changes involving any technology, which is in practice most proposals

This role is being advertised by the following working group:


Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

Implementing, through the collective decision of its subcircles, tactical plans to execute XRUK Strategy. Supporting its subcircles to fulfill their mandates and tactical plans through individual subcircle and build cross-circle projects. Supporting its subcircles in the decentralisation of its teams where possible.

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