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Midlands general admin

Group:XR Midlands
Location:From home role with XR Midlands
Hours per week:2-4
No. spaces available:3
Meeting Time:Monday 6.15-7.30pm, Thursday 1-3pm
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Lots of work could be very usefully done outside meetings and without even going to them.
Essential Skills:Zoom, general computer skills
Desired Skills:Spreadsheet and document skills
Accessibility considerations:This is an online job, so no need to travel. Some parts would require sitting in on meetings, whilst others could be done almost entirely at arms' length.

This role can be shared between a number of people, reducing the time commitment necessary. XR Midlands consists of a Local Group circle and a regional team to support Midlands Rebels in various areas (Talks & Trainings, Actions, Media & Messaging, Regenerative cultures, Local Group development, Arrestee & Legal support. It's worth saying that the Midlands Team is a great crew to be a part of - we're super cheerful, friendly and get stuff done! The general admin role itself is multi-faceted. If you wanted to help, you could take on a small chunk regularly (for example taking minutes at a regional meeting) or take on a little more, for example monitoring email inboxes, communicating with other team members and supporting other regional role-holders with their admin responsibilities. Any of these things would be a huge help to the region and XR more widely. And you would certainly enjoy meeting people and getting to know a bit more how XR Midlands works.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

XR Midlands

Location: XR Midlands

XR Midlands is the widest circle of the Midlands, comprising two main subcircles: Midlands Local Group coordinators and Midlands Regional Working Groups circle. It exists to support Midlands Rebels and provide a connection to UK-wide circles, especially the Rebel Hive.

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