Recruiter and Integrator - Digital Rebellion

Group:Digital Rebellion
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:2-4
No. spaces available:1
Meeting Time:Tuesdays 12-1pm
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Flexible except for team meetings, however you may not need to attend every week.
Essential Skills:Good communication skills, people skills, interest in welcoming new people into the movement effectively.
Desired Skills:Experience in HR / recruitment / coaching / volunteer support
Accessibility considerations:Open to all, but meetings are on Zoom so a stable internet connection is needed. You will also need to communicate verbally and use a screen and keyboard.


This is a satisfying role for anyone who likes to recruit and support new team members to find their potential, aswell as growing the capacity and impact of the existing team. You will help recruit for new roles within the Digital Rebellion team and support new volunteers in becoming productive and happy members.


Digital Rebellion aims to enable people to support XR campaigns through meaningful digital actions from home. 
We are are a growing team, with a fresh website and a big vision of creating a movement of digital rebels, to shout the truth, amplify the climate movement, and make accessible coordinated action online.You'll:

  • Learn about Digital Rebellion so you can introduce its work and sub-teams to new volunteers.
  • Post role adverts (like this one!) for skills and roles that the teams need.
  • Welcome and introduce new team members and help them get involved.
  • Check in on the new team members to ensure they have everything they need to succeed.
  • Do related administration, with the help of the team Internal Coordinator person.


  • You enjoy watching others grow and thrive, becoming more confident in XR
  • You like finding out more about what people are good at and matching that with what the movement needs
  • You are open, warm, welcoming and communicative
  • You are interested in helping Digital Rebellion to grow in impact and reach.


  • Experience with XR or with another organisation with similar objectives
  • Prior experience in people / volunteer support, recruitment, coaching, mentoring or facilitation is desirable but not necessary
  • Good at seeing gaps and needs in groups that need to be filled, and in writing effective role descriptions to help fill those needs


You'll be supported by the group internal coordinator and our friendly team, and be part of a wider team of integrators/recruiters from across XR to share ideas, advice and challenges.


  • Be at the forefront of implementing our strategy to be in solidarity with allied groups to meet the multiple crises we are experiencing
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Self-satisfaction in knowing you are supporting a growing group at an exciting time
  • Make impacts towards getting the UK government to meet our three demands and live on a habitable planet.


Visit our website to learn more

View our Digital Rebellion mandate

You can also find more information about the Integrator / Recruiter role in general on this list of role templates

We look forward to hearing from you.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

Digital Rebellion

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

Purpose Millions of digital activists, reflecting the diversity of the population, are engaged, empowered and effectively taking action together to achieve the goals of the climate and environmental justice movement. Tearing down barriers and empowering all people, including those traditionally excluded from physical protest, to take part in the rebellion. Recruiting Digital Rebels and giving them the skills and confidence to take meaningful, impactful, and coordinated action online. Supporting the movement to design and deploy effective digital actions Sharing knowledge about effective digital activism to help Digital Rebels move from ‘lone voice’ to ‘heavenly chorus’

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