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Regenerative Cultures Advocate - XR North

Group:XR North Region
Location:From home role with XR NORTH
Hours per week:2-4
No. spaces available:2
Meeting Time:Anchor North fortnightly Weds at 17:30-19.00
Local Group Reps fortnightly Fri 19:00-20:00
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule:Flexible except for team meetings, however you may not need to attend every meeting.
Essential Skills:A passion for wellbeing and regenerative cultures
Good communication
Desired Skills:Positive about mental and physical wellbeing
Accessibility considerations:A remote and in-person role.
You'll need Wifi and a computer, be comfortable speaking on the phone
If there is anything we can do to adjust the role to better meet your needs please let us know.

The role can be shared between two people, reducing the time commitment necessary.

This role is integral to supporting groups and rebels across XR North!

The key role of the Regenerative Cultures Advocate is to encourage a regenerative cycle of work in everything that XR North do, including meetings, events and actions.

Accountabilities include:

  • If someone is taking on a lot of work, reminding them that they could pass that work back to the working group.
  • Encouraging a regenerative cycle of work moving through the cycle from overview and integrate - planting the seed (first thoughts) - setting intentions and getting to know the group - orientation and logistics - action / focus - understanding / debrief - rest - reflect - back to start.
  • Liaising with the XR North Gardener to support Local Groups with regenerative cultures and wellbeing.
  • To work with the Events Coordinator and the Talks & Training Coordinator to help provide regenerative offerings for regional events and actions, e.g. workshops, debriefs and reflections.
  • Work within the Anchor North group to encourage and support regenerative cultures and wellbeing.
  • Promoting key wellbeing messages and offerings by liaising with social media, press and newsletter teams.
  • Ability to connect with those less likely to use wellbeing offerings would be an advantage, in particular connecting with those from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

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For more information on the XR North mandate, please select the link below:

XR North mandate

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

XR North Region

Location: XR NORTH

The North region of Extinction Rebellion

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