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Social scientist

Group:Data Analysis & Insights
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:2-4
No. spaces available:3
Meeting Time: To be decided
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule: Volunteer tasks are developed and agreed to suit, checking in with the team
Essential Skills: Some experience and a strong interest in either quantitative or qualitative research
Desired Skills: Experience in designing surveys; knowledge of relevant social/political science sources
Accessibility considerations: Tasks can be worked on at any time, and group meetings can be minimised

The Data Analysis & Insights Group gets asked all sorts of questions by the rest of XR UK, some easy, some hard:

  • what sort of people turn up to our events?
  • what else do they do?
  • what puts others off?
  • what can we do about that?
  • is the media paying attention?
  • what does the public think?
  • what do politicians think?

A lot of times it is a matter of working out how to get an answer: has someone else answered a similar question; have we asked it before but slightly differently; or if this is new, how would we define a quick, rigourous and effective way to find the answer?

We have concrete tasks in hand: as well as the questions above, this is going to be a General Election year, or by Jan 2025, anyway. The team will be going back over existing unanalysed free-text data from surveys, and working on new polls to see whether the public is swinging behind XR's agenda. So there will be new data to analyse and visualise!

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

Data Analysis & Insights

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

The Data Analysis & Insights Group supports evidence-based decision-making across XR UK. It divides in two: A Data Analytics team automates capture of the sort of data that a large decentralised organisation produces - email lists, website traffic, media posts, sign-ups and donations. It then provides insights: especially, which activities generate the widest engagement? A Data Research team finds and reviews data on evidence-based protest and conducts studies on e.g. media coverage of XR UK "actions", and participation in, and public attitudes to, protest. XR UK is now 5 years old. We need to take our membership to the next level, measuring it as we do so! And as a General Election approaches, we will be analysing qualitative and quantitative data on public attitudes to climate and environmental issues. What we need: All kinds of people really! But especially Data- and Social scientists. Feeling like you could help? Please contact: feedbacklearnignxr@gmail

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