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Street Speakers

Group:XRUK Talks & Training
Location:In-person role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:2-4
No. spaces available:100
Meeting Time:No meeting times
Meeting Format:In-person
Meeting Schedule:Support workshops available
Essential Skills:Enthusiasm!
Desired Skills:Good communication
Accessibility considerations:

Empower, upskill, engage and recruit others by delivering short on-the-ground talks. We need a huge number of Street Speakers for all XRUK actions and events to share the love!

There are always lots of new people who need training as well as those who need refreshers - particularly in Nonviolent Direct Action and Know Your Rights training.

XR street talks have been designed for anyone to deliver without the need for training. However, we hold support workshops to help build your confidence, where to find the street talks and find a street buddy. Please email to request a workshop.

If you want to find out more, everything you need is on the Rebel Toolkit in the Street Speakers book including the Street Speakers Guidance doc and the scripts:

Check out Rebel Toolkit - Street Speakers.

If you have any questions, please: email Talks & Training

Or message Talks & Training in our Reception on Mattermost:

You'll need a Hub account [and therefore a Mattermost account on] to message into our Reception. If you don't have a Hub account, please email to request one. XRUK Talks & Training Reception.

This is the current list of street talks:

  • Citizens' Assembly - understand our Third Demand
  • Nonviolent Direct Action [NVDA] - prepare for action
  • Science [mini Heading for Extinction - HfE] - learn about the latest science
  • Introduction to XR - engage and recruit new members
  • Know Your Rights [KYR] - prepare for action

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

XRUK Talks & Training

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

XRUK Talks & Training coordinates talks, training and workshops for the movement upon request, and we proactively organise talks, training and workshops across the movement. Our other roles consist of collating and cataloguing talk, training and workshop materials from across the movement, making training information accessible to the movement and ensuring that training materials and training, are accessible to all volunteers. We maintain a database of XRUK speakers and trainers, as well as writing, updating and distributing the 'Non Violent Direct Action' (NVDA), 'Heading for Extinction' (H4E) and Street Speakers' training/talks materials. And lastly, we provide support to other XRUK circles to improve the quality of their talks, training and workshops.

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