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Volunteer Coordinator - Rebel Ringers

Group:Rebel Ringers
Location:From home role with XR UK (UK Wide)
Hours per week:5-9
No. spaces available:2
Meeting Time:Saturdays 6-7pm
Meeting Format:Conference call
Meeting Schedule: Flexible. Working with volunteers who will have varies time commitments.
Essential Skills:Super friendly/approachable; Good team player; Good organisational skills
Desired Skills:
Accessibility considerations:You will need a computer and a good internet connection.

The Rebel Ringers team coordinates a pool of volunteer callers (Ringers) who make phone calls to our XR signups who have agreed to be called.

We're looking for one or more super friendly and approachable people to join our team as "Volunteer coordinators".

These Volunteer coordinators will be a "known face" for our Ringers, a first-port-of-call, and will ensure our volunteers are well looked after and happy.

We need our volunteers to be engaged, trained, and feel supported to do as much calling as they want to do. Volunteer coordinators will maintain a list of our volunteers and relevant information about them, so we know what they need and how to best support them.

You will not be responsible for trainings (though wonderful if you want to help out with that too), but we would want you to know what trainings are available and signpost our volunteers towards them so they can be fully equipt with all they need.

Keeping in regular contact with volunteers is very important, so we will want you to keep 'warm contact' with our pool of volunteers to keep them engaged with our calling campaigns.

As a team, we also want to make sure the decisions we make are the best ones, so we would need you to be aware of how volunteers work and what their needs are to bring this perspective into our decision making.

Below is a draft mandate for this role, to be agreed if you come on board:

Ringer volunteers are in regular contact with a supportive coordinator and have access to resources they need.


  • Securely maintain a list of Ringer volunteers with relevant information.
  • Keep warm contact with Ringer volunteers at appropriate times.
  • Signpost Ringer volunteers, where needed, to relevant trainings or resources.
  • Advocate for volunteers' needs in group decisions.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, or you would just like to know more, then please apply for this role and we'll discuss it with you more.

This role is being advertised by the following working group:

Rebel Ringers

Location: XR UK (UK Wide)

Rebel Ringers are the phone banking wing of XR. We contact, inform and engage people about XR over the phone.

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