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UK AGSN (Affinity Group Support Network)

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Purpose: To facilitate communication and collaboration between Affinity Groups, the other Action Support working groups, and the wider UK XR organism. To represent a perspective on current AG participation and availability. Accountabilities: To collaborate with other members of the UK Actions Support team. To create a culture of strong, connected and supported Affinity Groups throughout the UK, to reinforce actions facilitated by the UK Action Support team and beyond. To maintain an up-to-date database of AGs within the UK. To provide opportunities for AGs within the UK to access training and development events. To provide a route for AGs to access support for decentralised actions that the AGs are planning, via the UK Action Support circle. Facilitating a dialogue between Affinity Groups throughout the UK, and the UK Action Support circle, to encourage reciprocity within the action development process. To support the formation, integration and development of new AGs.

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